How Can I Clean and Organize My Workspace in 2024?

Wherever you work—in an office, retail location, factory, school, gym, or somewhere else—it’s important to have a clean and organized environment.

This will not only increase the likelihood of improved physical health but also improved mental and emotional health, which leads to increased productivity.

What’s the first step to organizing my workspace?

Before you begin the process of organizing and deep cleaning your space, it’s vital that you get rid of the clutter.

If you don’t need something and you’re not required to keep it, dispose of it.

If you don’t need it handy, find a place to keep it safe but out of the way.

Most people find they are more clearheaded and productive in a clean, organized space.

How do I deep clean my workspace?

Once your workstation is free of clutter, it’s time to deep clean all surfaces.

After you have removed any dust and dirt, you will want to disinfect all the surfaces and clean any digital screens. Even spaces that appear clean may contain germs and bacteria.

Certainty ® Brands carries a variety of wipes in different sizes for this purpose. Visit the following page on our website in order to choose the best disinfectant wipes for your specific needs:

We also sell wipes that will effectively clean your touch screens without leaving any streaks.

How can I promote a healthy environment in my workplace?

Now that your workstation is decluttered and clean, it’s time to consider whether you can make further changes to optimize the layout and efficiency of your space.

Ask yourself, “How can I rearrange my workspace to increase productivity?”

While you may not be able to make extensive changes, even small ones can make a big difference.

Why is it especially important to keep high traffic areas clean?

While it’s important to keep your personal workspace clean and organized, it’s also important to focus on communal areas and high-touch surfaces throughout your location. These areas have high foot traffic and will likely be the dirtiest. Door handles, railings, light switches, and counters all require regular
cleaning to effectively prevent the spread of germs.

With input from the decision-makers in your workplace, consider adding hygiene stations (or additional hygiene stations) in order to keep yourself, your co-workers, and your clients as healthy as possible.

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