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The Certainty™ Advantage
Healthy Choices for Health Conscious People.
Choose from Wipes, Soaps, Sanitizers and Dispenser Options
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Fitness Wipes
Specially formulated to keep your facility and high traffic surfaces germ free.
Prevent cross contamination with our one step wipe systems.
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Senior Care
A revolutionary gentle care disposable washcloth and wipe system that provides a
unique one-step process of cleaning, moisturizing and soothing the skin.
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Cart Wipes
Shopping carts are one of the most bacterially contaminated objects that the general public may come into contact with.
Promote a healthy shopping experience with our premium sanitizing formula.

Certainty™ Brands - A Full Line of Hygiene Solutions

We specialize in helping you find the right system to suit your needs.

Multi-surface disinfecting, sanitizing, personal care and specialty wipes. Available in canisters or as refills to be used with our dispensers.
Soaps and sanitizers that help prevent the spread of germs in your space. Available in pump bottles or as refills cartridges.

Modern, durable wipe and hand care dispensers to complement your space.  

Why Choose Certainty™

We ensure product excellence and the best customer experience with every item we sell.

Fragrance Free

We create fragrance-free formulas that help promote a scent-free work environment.

Health Canada Approved

Our approved formulas gently clean while killing 99.9% of germs.


We are dedicated to developing industry-leading formulations that exceed customer expectations

Made in Canada

All our products are manufactured in Canada using only the highest quality materials.

We are the Canadian industry leader in large format wipe solutions.

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