Certainty® provides high-quality surface disinfectant wipes, sanitizing wipes, hand care hygiene products and dispensing solutions for your workplace.

Established in 2001, our commitment to innovation and dedication to solving your workplace cleaning challenges has fostered outstanding product development and substantial growth in the market. The company’s mission to exceed expectations is possible through our ability to build strong, lasting partnerships with customers and suppliers while offering a simplified, effective cleaning experience.

Certainty® is a trademarked brand by Hospeco Brands Group®, formerly Innocore™, and provides specialty wipes and hand care products to a variety of facilities and workspaces including offices, fitness centers, childcare centers, nursing homes, grocery stores and more in Canada. Our elite dispensing solutions have been designed with the needs of the customer in mind and are made from the highest quality materials for superior durability.

Hospeco Brands Group® proudly produces products in our cGMP-based manufacturing facility that are authorized for sale by Health Canada, EPA, and FDA. We consistently meet or exceed regulatory and compliance requirements and have implemented strict quality control measures during every step of the design and manufacturing process from start to finish. Our customers benefit from our expertise and can expect to receive products that are safe, effective and meet the highest quality standards.

A Hospeco Brands Group Company

Hospeco Brands Group® is comprised of legacy brands – Adenna, Chemcor, High-Tech Conversions, Hospeco, Innocore, Monarch Brands, and Nilodor. This union allows us to provide our distributors efficient access to a wide array of essential products through one respected integrated manufacturer. We are committed to expanding our product categories as we grow organically and through strategic acquisitions. 

Protect More – Clean More – Care More

Hospeco Brands Group® brings more than a century of know-how and innovation to protecting, cleaning and caring for those spaces and everyone who inhabits them, actively improving public health and well-being. 

From personal care and protection to cleaning products, contamination control, and textiles, we make managing shared and work environments easier and more efficient, while we engineer our supply chain to ensure you get what you need, when you need it. 

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