What is Contact Time and How Do I Disinfect Properly?

What is disinfectant “contact time”? Contact time—also known as wet time, dwell time, or kill time—is the amount of time a surface must remain visibly wet after the application of a disinfectant in order to achieve the claimed disinfection activity. For heavily soiled surfaces, clean before following the disinfecting instructions to ensure the disinfectant solution

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How Can I Clean and Organize My Workspace in 2024?

Wherever you work—in an office, retail location, factory, school, gym, or somewhere else—it’s important to have a clean and organized environment. This will not only increase the likelihood of improved physical health but also improved mental and emotional health, which leads to increased productivity. What’s the first step to organizing my workspace? Before you begin

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Why is Handwashing So Important?

It’s especially important in the midst of cold and flu season to do all you can to prevent the spread of germs, and proper handwashing habits go a long way to keeping you, your family, friends, and coworkers healthy.   How Do Germs Spread? Because people often touch their mouth, eyes, and nose, germs have

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