Pro Disinfectant Wipes
(900 count)

SKU: 82900

Certainty® Pro Disinfectant Wipes are proven to be effective against bacteria, viruses and fungi with a fast-acting formula that starts killing on contact. Using these wipes on hard, non-porous surfaces will leave them clean, germ-free and without any sticky residue for a streak-free shine. Ideal for fitness centers, offices, grocery stores, schools and more.

  • Kills 99.9% of bacteria in just 15 seconds!
  • Kills bacteria, viruses and fungi including SARS-Related Coronavirus (cause of COVID-19), Staph, E. coli, HIV-1, Influenza A, Strep and more (see label for full list of disinfecting claims)
  • Cleans, disinfects and deodorizes in one easy step
  • Authorized for sale by Health Canada
  • Large wipe count reduces cost
  • Premium fabric quickly removes dirt and soil
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