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The Importance of Cleanliness in Educational Institutions

From kindergarten through post secondary, students are taught the importance of good hygiene. This has never been more evident than in the past three years, since March 2020. Implementing a Hygiene Strategy exemplifies your concern and commitment to student wellbeing. Staff, and students, especially those with health concerns, as well as parents and guardians will

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Next Level Health Benefits for Gym-Goers

Now that most of the COVID restrictions have been lifted, many people have gone back to the gym. People are once again committed to getting healthy and staying active. This is great news! While we’ve been aware of the necessity of protecting ourselves from germs for decades, the past three years have driven home the

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Choosing the Best Wipes for Your Needs

Public awareness of the importance of disinfecting and thoroughly cleaning surfaces has never been higher. Wipes are a simple, quick, and effective way to prevent sickness, protect staff and customers, and promote good hygiene. The following article informs readers of the many available options and helps them choose the best wipes for their facility. Providing

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